What do you do when someone damages your car

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It’s not a nice feeling when you return to your parked car to find that someone has damaged it. Although you might try your best to keep your car away from possible trouble, sometimes no matter how well you protect it there will always be the possibility of an idiot around the corner waiting to damage it with either there car, trolley or intentional (vandalism).

It seems that nearly half of all minor collision damage occurs in supermarket car parks. It’s kind of inevitable when you look at how space is restrictive in these colossal arenas. They squeeze as many car park spaces in as physically possible, even to the point of reducing the size of the space to the bare minimum resulting in only one out come, inevitable contact with another vehicle. It’s not surprising then that the most common type of damage that occurs in supermarket car parks is door dents.

Repair costs on average for light collision damage is valued at just over £2000, which is a significant sum considering that the damage on your car was caused by someone else. So what should you do if you someone damages you car? Well follow the checklist below, it provides all the basic information you might need if you’re in that situation.

1. Check for a note

Not all motorists are inconsiderate; sometimes the damage could have been the result of an unavoidable event. So check over your car and on the floor for a possible note from the driver who collided with your car.

2. Take photos
Try and take as many photos as you can of the damage and from as many angles as possible. Try and use your mobile if it’s at hand for you can time and date stamp it as well as having the ability to use the location settings to identify where the accident took place. Also try and get some photos of the cars nearby, you never know that it could have been one of theses while they were trying to park. The photos would also come in handy for insurance purposes and if CCTV footage is grainy and low resolution.

3. Check for CCTV coverage
Most large car parking areas will have some form of CCTV system. Contact the site manager and see if the accident was caught on camera. This would come in handy for insurance purposes.

4. Contact the insurance company
If you have no note left on your car and the CCTV footage has no evidence of who was at fault you have two options available 1) contact your insurance company 2) get the car repaired yourself. If you choose to contact your insurance they would get the car fixed but just bare in mind that this might affect your future premiums and the accident even if it’s not your fault will be kept on record. If you get the car fixed yourself by a mobile car body repair service you wouldn’t loose your car and the job would be carried out within a day either out side your home or place of work and the insurance would never need to be told.

Car Body Repairs 4 Less specialize in light collision damage repair and can fix 90% of knocks and scrapes that happen in car parks at your home or place of work. We can provide a quote within 12 hours and you can even send us photos of the damage to our mobile. So for a no obligation quote, contact us for more information.


What to do if someone damages your car

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