Fixing Bad Repair Jobs

Car seat damage

For the past 15 years we have been repairing all types of damage on all types of cars from dents and scratches to seat burns and cracked bumpers. Most of the jobs we carry out are straightforward to fix and very rarely do we encounter unforeseen problems. It just goes to prove that the processes we use to fix damage on cars works without fail, well that is until we come across a poor job that has been carried out by another company or by the customer themselves, that’s when every thing goes out the window.

You see without knowing what procedures and types of materials the other party would have used its completely unpredictable how our repair will turn out. Lets say a customers has had a knock on his bumper and had another company out to fix it but he was unhappy with the job, we cant just rub back the area and repaint over the repair, if we did that the paint and lacquer would react and cause even more issues. This would be the case if poor quality or different base paints were used. We would have to completely remove all the materials put on by the other party and restart the job from scratch, which would take more time and cost the customer more as a result. Its not just damage on the exterior of cars where problems can arise, seat burn repairs can also have its issues. For example, have a look at the photos below.

Bad Seat Repair Stevenage
Fixing Someone elses repair

As you can see another company has poorly fixed the burn. It was only the size of a cigarette head before its repair and where the materials have started to ware away it’s created a much larger and visible area to fix. I can’t just remove the fibres and discoloured area and go back to its original burn hole because the area has now been permanently stained. What I had to do was to fill in the hole and blend in the fibres over a much larger area that I would usually do. It looks great considering what it was when we started and just goes to show what can be achieved if a job like that is fixed properly

The best way to avoid having poor quality repairs is to do your research before you book in someone to fix your car. Have a look at reviews on line or ask for before and after photos of the company’s work to get an Idea of the type of quality repair you would be expected to get.


Fixing Bad Repairs

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