It’s All About The Finish

Car paint scratch repair

When it comes to getting a car body repair carried out on your car, the first thing you will notice is the finish of the paintwork repair. It’s the most important aspect of fixing bodywork on cars and if you get it wrong it doesn’t matter how good the prep work was it just has to be started ageing from scratch.

Here at Car Body Repairs 4 Less we make sure that the finish of our repairs are just as good or even better than what it was before. We take our time in getting every aspect of the finishing procedure perfect just like we do for all the prep work that done before. If the air pressure of the spray guns, distance from job, ambient temperature and lacquer mixture are not perfect then it’s a guaranteed failure in the finish of the paintwork repair. We double up on all possible week points from using double air filters and water traps on the HVLP spray guns that we use, keeping constant checks on the average air temperature around the repair and using distance gauges to make sure the distance from the job is just right.

Not all other Mobile Car Body Repair Services use the same measures that we do, its just we prefer making sure that all areas of the repairs we carry out are as good as we can possible make it.

Another overlooked part of a SMART REPAIR job is the final finishing glaze. A finishing glaze is the process that is carried out after the lacquer has dried, it involves cutting back the lacquer till its smooth and all imperfections have been removed, then buffed up with numerous cutting compounds and polishes till its like a sheet of glass. The process can be laborious and most SMART REPAIR services will miss this stage out hoping that unfinished lacquer will look good enough for the customer not to notice. Car Body Repairs 4 Less make sure we achieve a glass like finish with all our repairs and never miss this stage out.  If the job has not been compounded and polished to a high standard the area will quickly start to look dull due to the rough surface collecting dirt and grit particles which would have easily run off a smooth surface.

Below are some examples of a high glaze finish from previous jobs carried out by us.

high glaze repair finish cheshunt
high glaze repair finish
High glaze repair finish brentwood
Brentwood high glaze finish repair
High Glaze Finish on dent
High paint repair standard
High gloss paint repair finish
High quality paint repair

So if you choose to use a SMART REPAIR service for some scuffs or scratches on your car, just make sure the finish is as good or better than it was before. We aim to do this so should everyone else.

Car Body Repair Finish

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