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If you thought that SMART repairs was just limited to the odd small scratch or stone chip repair and that larger areas of damage such as a bumper scuff of a key scratch are just to big to repair, well then think again.

Our SMART Repair specialist are trained to the highest standards and are capable of repairing the larger more common types of damage you might get in the result of a collision. When Smart repairs was first established you might have been right in thinking that it was only the smaller areas that were repairable, but as time and technology has progressed so has the scope of repairs which we are now capable to taking on and fixing to a near perfect finish.

Below are some example of the larger types of damage we capable of fixing

We Fix car Rust at your home
We Fix Rust

20 years ago this Rust Repair would have been way out of the question for a SMART Repair service. But now is more than fixable and at your home address.

We can fix bumper scuffs scratches
We fix bumper scuffs

Bumper scuffs was one of the first types of major repairs that the SMART Repair method branched out into, and is at present our most popular type of job we carry out.

We Can Fix Large Dents
We Fix Dents

This is a typical Dent repair which would have been previously turned down, but now we can fix this type of damage and in a matter of hours.

We Fix Cracked bumpers
We Fix Cracks on Car Bumpers

Most cars bumpers are now manufactured in plastic so the likely hood of you getting a crack in the result of an impact is quite high. We can fix cracks on your cars bumper panels and no need to have them replaced.

Originally when SMART Repairs as a repair method was launched over 20 years ago it concentrated on just the localisation of small scratches and chip repairs on the cars exterior. But as it stands today we can now not only fix damage on the outside of your vehicle but also the interior as well. Seat burn repairs or cigarette burns, as they are more commonly known as well as rips and tears on your cars upholstery and carpets. Below are some examples of seat burn repairs carried out by our technicians

We can Fix Seat Burns
We Fix Interior Burns

Not only has the variety of repairs increased but also with ever evolving legislation on the types of paints and lacquers available to us, the safety side for us, and you the customers is now greater than ever.

For a full list of the services we provide and the areas in which we cover visit our SERVICES page for more information. If you have a particular type of damage that is unique and that you think might be too severe for us to fix, email us a photo or two of the damage, we would get back to you within 24 hours of a price if we can repair it for you or advice if we cant. Email us at sales@carbodyreairs4less.co.uk

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