How the summer heat can affect repairs

Car paint scratch repair

Everyone loves a hot summer, especially at the weekends when you can sit back, relax and unwind in the summer heat. Most people think that with the increase in temperature that the summer brings our job would be a hell of a lot easier, paint, primer and lacquer would dry faster and we would also get a suntan to boot. They couldn’t be more wrong.

The heat effects our mobile paint repair services from the moment we mix up the paint, primer and lacquer till the time we apply it to the damaged panel.  We have to mix the paint up quicker and would have to apply it quicker for it would clog up in our guns if left too long. When applying primer we have to take more time to smooth it out after each layer in order to keep the area level and when it comes to painting for example the panel that is to be painted needs to be cool and not hot to the touch, for if its cool when the paint is sprayed on to the panel it will have time to flow and even out and leave a smooth finish. But if the panel were too hot from the sun beating down onto it, the paint would near enough dry on impact, which would leave the paint lumpy and mottled. This would have a push on effect on the finish of the lacquer, which would be applied over the top of the paint and look like orange peel.

We do have ways and means to reduce the effects of the sun, one of which is to use our portable shelter. Its something we would normally use for the rain but it does a fantastic job of keeping the car in the shade, which reduces the panel temperature dramatically.  If you have a repair booked in with us and the weather looks like its going to be a hot one, we would advise to put your car in the garage a couple of hours before we arrive (if you have one) or park it up against a wall or under a tree if there is any shade available.

And don’t fret, the weather may be difficult when hot but we have not yet turned down a job or been unable to carry out a repair because of it.

For more information on the types of jobs we are able to carry out and in what areas we cover see for more info.


How the summer heat can affect repairs

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