Smart Repair Service Near Me

Car paint scratch repair

If you have had a knock, scratch or dent on your vehicle and need a specialist repair service to fix it and your not to sure what to search or look for on the internet then this article should provide you with all the info that you need to source the right repair service and most importantly at the right cost.

Most small knocks and scrapes can be fixed by a localised repair method known as a smart repair. A SMART Repair is a specialist method where the damage is fixed and only a small area is painted on the effected panel in order to blend in the paint work, there fore reducing the cost of materials and time needed for the job.

It’s the most cost effective way of fixing light collision damage and with the service being mobile the job can be carried out on your doorstep or at your place of work. All that is requires is access to electric and parking space next to the vehicle.

With this technique showing to be so successful franchise firms have got on the bandwagon and have been selling franchises since the late 1990’s. There is so many out there that research has shown that there is at least one SMART repair service within a 20-mile radius of your location.

So how do you find the right SMART Repair service near me?  Well first of all check out there website and see if there are any before and after photos of recent jobs they have carried out. Give them a call and ask how long have they been doing this for.  The time they have been in business for is a great indicator of how good they might be, for most with time comes experience and there is no substitute for that. Some mobile services carry out work for local garages and if asked should be able to provide you with a reference.

Just beware that there are always cowboys in every field and don’t be too persuaded with a ridiculously low quote. Using the best materials and equipment costs, and for some one to charge less that cost for a repair would start to ring alarm bells. All materials we use have to VOC compliant, there are some on the market, which are, sub standard and cheap, and give you a poor finish let alone the hazards to your health they can cause when applied.

Best to remember 3 things when looking for a Smart Repair Service near you.

  1. What experience have they got and how long have they been doing it?
  2. Can they provide references? Have they any reviews?
  3. Have they got some before and after photos?

If you can get good responses for at least 2 of the above then that would be good enough.

Smart Repair Service Near Me

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