Smart Repairs on Performance Cars

Car paint scratch repair

There are a lot of high-end performance cars on the roads today and with more of them around the likely hood of them getting some kind of scuff or scratch from minor collisions has increase. The common myth around the high cost of bodywork repairs on high performance cars is wrong and unfounded. There is no difference in the quality of paint mix from a Skoda to a Ferrari to warrant the high cost of repair and the same procedures should be followed when preparing a scuff on a car no matter the manufacturer. You wouldn’t just use a high quality filler for example on a Mercedes and a below standard filler for a Kia, the same materials and quality of materials are used on both Just because the car cost a lot of money it doesn’t mean the repair should as well. The only reason that a high end sports car for example would cost more to repair would be if replacement panels and parts were required, but for 80% of most minor collisions its just cosmetic damage on panel work, which doesn’t require replacing parts.

Most garages or body repair static sites would almost certainly add additional premium to the cost of the bodywork repair depending on how much the car is worth. Why they do this is beyond me, I can only assume that they either just expect that you are willing to pay a premium to get it fixed or that they think that it will cost them more in repairing it. Its something they would never admit too but if you asked for a quote  (describing the damage in detail even sending them a close up photo of the damage) without naming the type of car you have the price would almost certainly be different.

As a mobile Smart Repair service we fix all makes and models from Ferraris and Mercedes to KIAs and Fords. Our prices are pretty much standard across the board no matter what your car is. Below are some examples of Smart Repairs we carried out at customer’s houses.

Scuff on lower bumper of Ferrari

Ferrari Bumper Scuff Repair
Mobile paint repair on Ferrari

No replacement parts or panels required here, just a simple rub back, fill and spray. This job was completed within 2 hours and looks like new

Scuff on Vauxhall Corsa rear bumper and rear wing

Scuff on Vauxhall Corsa
Mobile paint repair on expensive car

This damage again required no replacement parts or panels and took just the same amount of time as the Ferrari above. The cost for repairs was also the same as the Ferrari Smart Repair.

As you can see from the examples above the quality of finish is identical no mater if it’s a workhorse or a two seater Performance car.  We don’t charge you more because of the make of your car, why do other people?

If you have a high performance car and would like a free no obligation, email or call us for a quick response

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