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When buying a used car from either a trade supplier or a private seller the first thing you notice and what draws you to the car is its appearance. Not many people know that much about the cars interior workings and when confronted with an open bonnet most of us wouldn’t have a clue what we’re looking at except that some where in that heap of metal tubes and covers is an engine.

Considering it’s the second most costly thing we would ever buy surely we should know more? Appearance seems to be something that no matter if you’re a professional car sprayer or a road sweeper all of us know something about and it’s what we base our car decision on when buying a car.  It seems that it’s imbedded in our mindset that if the current owner has looked after his/her cars appearance then they must have looked after its internal workings too which makes us more susceptible to buying it. This obviously isn’t the case for all cars but just goes to show how much easier a car is to sell if it’s appearance is in tiptop showroom condition.

Maximizing your cars appearance gives you an edge when selling as shown above. When people come to view your vehicle the last thing you want is they knocking the price down for every little chip and scratch that they see. Body shop repairs can be time consuming and costly but there is a solution Smart Repairs.

Smart repairs are mobile and we fix your car at your home or place of work within a matter of hours. It’s cheaper than body shop repairs and perfect if you’re thinking of selling your vehicle. Paint repairs don’t need to cost the earth and who wants to spend more Money than they want on a car they want to sell?

If you need a free no obligation quote on damage you might have on your car, feel free to give us a call, email or even just fill out our Paint Repair Quote form with the relevant details and we will get back to you by the end of the day with a fixed price and a possible repair date.

We operate in Hertfordshire, Essex and North London only. If you live outside of these areas then unfortunately our mobile paint repair service would not be able to repair your paint damage.

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