Cheap Car Body Repairs

Car Body Repairs encompasses a wide range of services from Smart Repair service to an Accident Repair Centre, choosing the one that’s right for you is the difficult bit. No one likes getting damage on there automobile especially if its new or its your pride and joy, but picking the right type of repair service all depends on the type of damage you have. For example you wouldn’t pick a Body shop to repair a stone chip on your bumper or a Smart Repair service to respray your entire car.

Smart Repair Service

A Smart Repair service is predominantly used to fix small areas of damage such as bumper scuffs, stone chips, seat burns, key scratches, cracked bumpers and small dents on your car. It’s based on being able to carry out localised resprays that can paint the area of damage and not the whole component. Considering 80% of all the damage from light collisions is minor this type of cheap car body repair service would be perfect. Another advantage of a Smart Repair service is that its also mobile, so you wouldn’t have to take your car to them, they would come to you to fix the damage. Some types of repairs can be carried out in less than an hour so ideal in your lunch break while you are at work. So for Cheap Car Body Repairs on minor damage use this service.

Accident Repair Centre

Most of the work carried out at an accident repair centre is insurance based.  They mainly deal with heavy collision damage from road traffic accidents that require major structural or full bodywork. This is a static site service where you would have to take your car to them or they can pick it up from you. Usually you are supplied with a courtesy car while yours is getting fixed. Most jobs take a full week for them to fix and they would either replace a component or spray the whole part. So not so ideal or cheap if you have a small bumper scuff or a few stone chips, but perfect to replace a panel or carry out a full respray. This type of car body repair service as a whole is not cheap in general due to their high cost overheads hence manly used for insurance purposes.

The Right Service

If you have damage on your car, read the above pros and cons of both services this should help you make the right decision on what service to use and which would be the cheaper. So selecting the right service for your repair is key to having Cheap Car Body Repairs.

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