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97% of car bumpers on the roads today are made from plastic for two reasons, 1) Cheap to produce and replace. 2) Easy to repair.  The old style metal bumpers were more expensive to manufacture and costly to repair. The other types of bumpers you can get are generally found on high end sports or luxury models and are produced out of Fibre Glass or Carbon Fibre, these style of bumpers drastically reduce the cars overall weight which increase the cars performance but are expensive to repair or replace.

The plastic bumpers are generally held onto the cars chassis with clips or bolts that can be easily removed in minutes. Most accidental collision damage on cars occur on the most protruding part of the car like the front and rear plastic bumpers so it makes sense that this part of the cars bodywork can be replaced or repaired at low cost.

How we differ from body shops or accident repair centres when it comes to fixing plastic bumpers is down to the methods we use in their repair. Below are some examples of plastic bumper damage and the repair methods we (Mobile Car Body Repair Service) would use compared to a body shops and rough estimates for costs on both.

Crack Repair on Plastic Bumper

As you can see from the photo above the crack on the plastic bumper is quite severe. Some body shops would just replace the bumper for a new one, respray and blend in the adjoining panels; others would staple the bumper and respray the whole component and blend up the adjoining panels. As a Smart Repair Service we would plastic weald the crack back together, plastic fill any imperfections, spray a localised area and blend in on the same panel. The body shops approach on both possible repair methods would require them to keep the car for up to 3 days while our technique can be carried out at your home or place of work and be completed within 3 hours

Crack on Plastic Bumper Damage
Crack on Plastic Bumper Repair

This crack on the plastic bumper took us just under 3 hours to fix. Average costs for bumper crack are around £120 – £180 while body shops would be around £350 – £450

Scuff repair on Plastic Bumper 

Scuff on Plastic Bumper Repair

A body shop would just respray the entire bumper and possible blend up the adjoining panels. We would just repair and respray the damaged area and blend in on the same panel.  Body shops would require the car for 24-48 hours we can fix the plastic bumper repair at your home within 2 hours.

This scuff on the plastic bumper took us just under 2 hours to fix. Average costa for bumper scuffs are around £95 – £150 while body shops would be around £300 – £400

If you need a quote on a Plastic Bumper thats been scraped or scratched and live within Hertfordshire Essex and North London give us a call on 08000778832.

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