Hole Repair on Bumper in Watford

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Fixing a hole or void in any panel on a car is a tricky thing to do.  Most holes on cars are usually the result of rust on wheel arches or lower door edges where the corrosion has eaten away at the metal. Sometimes they are the result of a sharp object such as a metal rod or protruding piece of debris that the car has hit at speed. Most holes that are a result of a puncture can some times have internal problems such as the object penetrating an internal moving part, bracket or mechanical structure and should always be checked out by a mechanic before any hole repair is carried out.

In this case this customer had reversed his car into a gate at slow speed, the lower bolt that fixes the gate to the floor was not secured properly and was protruding out into the path of an un-expecting vehicles. As he reversed the bolt pierced the lower near side bumper corner of his car, and left a hole the size of an egg right on the edge close to the wheel arch section. As you can see from the photo below the damage is quite severe. Luckily the driver stopped and pulled off the bolt before any further damage to the cars bodywork or internally could be created.

The day I arrived in Watford to repair the hole in the bumper it was quite gloomy as you can see from the first photo below. It was the first job of the day and 8am start in the morning,

Hole in Bumper damage Watford

The first stage of the repair and the trickiest part of the job was to get rid of the hole. Most body shops and accident repair centres would just replace the panel altogether which would save time but would be very expensive. Another method would be to use plastic padding filler to fill the gap, not a method I would employ for too much filler would leave the area susceptible to cracking especially on such a flexible area. What I did was to bridge the gap with gauze and use fibreglass, a strong and flexible product that bonds well and is perfect for bridging gaps and holes. Once I had the bumper back in shape the rest was pretty much straight forward.

This is the finished repair of the hole on the bumper. As you can see the weather improved and it turned out to be a bright and warm day, not what I expected when I first arrived in Watford.

Hole in Bumper Repair Watford

If you live in the Watford area and have a hole in your bumper or any other panel and was wondering about getting it fixed. Give us a call on 08000778832 or email us a photo to sales@carbodyrepairs4less for your free no obligation quote.

We aim to reply to you within 12 hours and we are in Watford most weeks. Once a price has been agreed we can get to you in Watford within 10 days and repair the hole or whatever damage you have within a day.

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