Vehicle Vandal Scratches

I have been carrying out mobile scratch repairs on customer cars for over 13 years, and it never ceases to amaze me at how some people can be so mindless with wanton vandal behaviour on other peoples property, in this case their cars.

I have had the unfortunate privilege to view all sorts and types of vandal damage from large dents on bonnets where some one has decided to walk and stamp over the entire car, to cars covered in spray paint graffiti. Out of all of them it’s the scratches that seem to affect the victims the most. The thought of someone taking so much dislike to you or your car that they feel the need to carve deep vandal scratches in the paint work just gets too much. Its not that its an easy thing to do either, with modern day paints and lacquers becoming more and more resilient to scratches you really have to put a lot of pressure on the implement you are using to create the scratch in the first place. I guess the hardest thing to take is that the police don’t seem to be that interested in persuing car vandal damage they just pass it on to the insurance companies. So for the vandals out there it seems like a win win crime for which there is no punishment. I’m not sure how long the public will tolerate a police force that is either not willing or unable to carry out their job for which we as taxpayers pay them to do.  I’m not on a police bashing rant I know they do the best they can with what they have got I know they are an underfunded force that seem to be at full stretch so therefor are only able to pursue the more important crimes.  So to the government of the day I say this ‘GIVE THEM MORE MONEY’ so they can investigate lower level crimes such as vandal damage, and we as the public feel safer in the knowledge that what ever happens to our property will get the full attention of the investigating force and that when someone is convicted they get what they deserve. Maybe then people wont be compelled to carry out the act in the first place.

It’s not only the police but also local councils that don’t help the matter. Most vandal behaviour is carried out at night when most of the public are asleep or are preoccupied with that nights TV, why do they decide to turn off the streetlights? That’s just a green light for any would be vandal to carry out his night of terror.  Its all about money I’m afraid money, money, money. I think we are so concerned about our own finances that any raise in council tax’s are greeted with scorn when really we should be expecting it. If we want what every one wants,a free safe environment to allow our kids to grow up in we should be expected to pay for it and not expect the service like the police and councils to run on a shoe string budget.

To try and prevent vandals from attacking your car try these simple steps:

  1. Always try and park your car on your drive or close to your house so you can keep an eye on it. It sounds simple enough but having your vehicle close to your home especially if you have motion sensor lights can deter even the most persistent offender
  2. Never park your car near a pub or any public event. Some people when they have had too much to drink, be it intentional or otherwise might collide with your car on route home.
  3. Never leave valuables in your car. If you leave items such as tablets, phones or even wallets in plane view, expect your car to be broken into.
  4. In public try and park in sight of a CCTV system. If your vehicle is constantly being monitored an offender would think twice before attempting a malicious act.

If by chance you do have the misfortune of being on the receiving end of someone else’s mindless vandalism then don’t worry we can fix it for you. Below are some examples of previous vandal scratches we have carried out in the past.

Light Scratch Damage
Light Scratch Repair
Car Vandal Scratch Repair
Resprayed damaged Panel
Deep Vanal Damage
Fixed damage


Vandal Scratches on Vehicles

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