Our Biggest Repairs to Date

Car panel damage

Most dents that we fix on cars are quite small, somewhere between the size of a golf ball to that of a cricket ball. Most dents we use a paint less dent removal system (PDR) to remove them or if they have been scratched or the dent is in a difficult place to remove we knock out as much as we can then fill and spray the rest.

However sometimes we do get asked to do some rather scary looking dents on cars, most of the time we advise them to go to a body shop for they have the facilities to carry out larger jobs and where we are mobile we have limited space and equipment for all repair types.

But every now and again one of our customers will ask us to take on a repair that   should be fixed elsewhere, no matter how we explain to them that it will not look 100% they just want us to fix it.

It’s not that we are turning down jobs because we can’t be bothered or don’t fancy the work, it’s just that if we feel that due to the severity of the damage we can’t get the repair to our usual high standard we would not be happy with taking it on.

Even after all the explaining a customer still wants us to carry out the work we will oblige them. We give the customer an expect repair percentage, this is an indication of how much we could improve the damage by, and crack on with the job.

Most of the time all the heavier collision damage we have taken on has been at least a 90% improvement on what was there before. We haven’t had a unhappy customer yet.

Below are some examples of repairs we have carried out on areas of damage that are huge compared to our standard jobs.

Large Collision Damage – Loughton Essex

Front Wing Damage Loughton EssexLarge collision damage Loughton Essex

Large Panel Damage – North London

Big Wing Repair North London
Wing Repair North London

Large Rear Wing Damage-Bishops Stortford

Dent Bishops Stortford Essex
Large Dent Repair in Bishops Stortford Essex

Wheel Arch Dent – Benfleet

Dented Wheel Arch in Benfleet Essex
Repair of Dent in Benfleet Essex


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