Simple Bumper Repairs

Bumper scuff

There’s bumper repairs and there’s bumper repairs, not all are the same and some are worst than others. Identifying which ones are simple to fix can be tricky and depends upon many factors. It’s not always the smallest scuffs or scratches on bumpers that are easy to repair, sometimes more severe damage can be just as quick And simple to fix as a small one.

Colour of the car, size of damage and severity of damage all play their part in determining if the damage on the bumper is considered a simple repair. Colour of the car can affect the size of area you would have to paint in order to blend it in effectively. Size of the damage can affect the area that needs to be sprayed and the severity of damage can affect the time taken to effectively prepare the area to be painted. You have to also take into account the contours of the panel that is effected for if it has multiple folds and curves then you can blend up to them with the paint which can reduce the paintable area.

It’s not something that can be easily explained for every scuff and scratch is different so below are some examples of simple bumper repairs as well as some tricky ones.

Simple Repair Low Down Front Bumper

Scuff in Harlow
Paintwork Repair Harlow

This scuff is low down on a Jaguar front bumper. The damage is quite severe with deep scratches that need to be filled. Where its located and the foot of the panel means that we didnt have to spray a large area to blend the paint in, so the drying times were reduced and therefore making this repair quite simple.

Tricky Repair

Scratch on Bumper Corner
St Albans Bumper Repair

This scuff is located right on the curve of the bumper corner. What makes this repair more tricky is that the area that is needed to be sprayed is quite large. The reason for this is simple if the damage was an inch or two to the right we could have blended the paint up to the bumper curve which would reduce the drying time. But where it is situated we had to blend the paint up to the wheel arch and toward the centre of the panel, increasing the drying time dramatically. Not to mention the colour of the paint.

White paint is difficult to spray out side for if any piece of floating dust , debris or insect lands on the paintwork while spraying then it stands out like a sore thumb and needs to be rubbed back and painted again.

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