The Problem With Silver Cars

Car scratch
Silver Painted Car

Of all the cars we have sprayed over the years from blacks and blues to whites and reds it’s the silver colour cars that cause us the most problems.

It’s not only smart repair services that find the colour tricky but body shops also, for example in order for a body shop to repair a scratch on the front door of a silver car they would have to spray the 2 joining panels and maybe further onto the bonnet and boot in order to blend in the paint.

With other colour cars that are not silver the area that is sprayed to blend in the paint is dramatically reduced. You might think that the colour silver shouldn’t be any harder to paint than all the other types of colours out there, but you would be wrong.

The colour silver has a higher concentration of metallic particles in than any other colour, and when painting the area that is sprayed needs to be at an even constant temperature in order to reduce the chance of cloudy patchy areas forming. So painting smaller areas such as bumper scuffs, trims or small sections where there are curves to blend the paint round Are not a problem for smart repair technicians, it’s when they have to control the temperature of larger areas the difficulties arise.

Mobile car body repair services can only carry around 2 maybe three heaters due to the lack of space in their vehicles so heating up multiple panels (like a scratch over 2 doors) and keeping the temperature constant on every part of the paintable area is imposable, even if you could all it would take is a blast of cold air from a slight breeze and that would be enough to cause a problem with the finish.

So in conclusion if you wish an area fixed on your silver car, first look at the size of area you think that would need to be painted in order to give you the best finish. If there are curves and angles that the paint can be blended round on the panel then a smart repair service would be ideal. But if the panel is flat or the damage stretches over multiple areas then you would be better off at a body shop.


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