Stone Chip Repair Process

Stone chip

Stone chips can be repaired 2 ways:

1. They can be touched in which requires the chip filled with paint by touching it in with a fine brush. The repair is not a 100% perfect finish it makes the damage look a lot less visible. Out of the two repair options this one is the cheapest.

2. The stone chip damage can have a localised repair, this involves the chip or chips in question feathered out, primed, painted and then lacquered. Out of the two possible repair options this one is the more costly.

This customer was based in Chigwell in Essex and had a slight stone chip on the rear of his car. He contacted us via email and sent us a few photos for a quote. We replied within 24 hours with a quote and a date and time that we could carry out the repair. The customer agreed the price and the date was fixed.

Stone chip damage in chigwell

As you can see the chip is only small and there is only one of them. With this in mind the customer was advised to have the touch in repair. This would be a cheaper option and would require a minimal area to be effected.

Stone chip prep chigwell

The stone chip had primer applied to the damage to fill up the chip closer to the surface level.

Stone chip repair chigwell

The paint was then applied to the stone chip with a fine brush. As you can see the repair is not 100% but when viewed from a distance it is virtually invisible.

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