Bumper Scuff Repair Process

Bumper scratch

A customer in Watford called and enquired about a bumper scuff on a Volvo near side rear bumper corner, we advised them to take a few photos and send them via phone message or email. Within 24 hours the customer had a reply with a price and a possible date and time for the repair. On the day of the repair we arrived at 9am in the morning to start the bumper scuff repair and was very kindly given a cup of coffee before we started.

Bumper Scratch Damage

The repair was a standard type of bumper scratch repair for us which required a small amount of filler to fill in the sections where the plastic had been removed, a few layers of primer and undercoat to finish the preparation work then a couple layers of paint and lacquer to finish. The job was completed within 2 hours to a water tight finish and then polished to give the repair a good shine for the customer.

Bumper Scratch Preperation stage

These types of repairs are our bread and butter and are repaired on a reqular basis over the areas we cover Hertfordshire, Essex and London. If you require a bumper scratch repair and live within the areas we cover then give us a call or email us a photo at sales@carbodyrepairs4less.co.uk

Bumper Scratch Repair

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