Seat Burn Repair Techniques

There is only one cause of a seat burn and that is when a lit cigarette falls by accident onto your cars seat fabric. The resulting burn can be a light as a surface burn or go deeper into the foam itself, either way the repair techniques we use are very similar for both.

In order to fix the burn 100% you would need to replace the fabric section the burn is on, this can be very expensive depending on the type of car and colour of the fabric. the technique we use is more commonly used within the trade and is more than 60% cheaper than the other repair option, the method is quite simple we use a polymer type resin that fills in the burn and put matching fibres on top. its simple and very cost effective with great results. Below are some examples of previous jobs carried out over the past few months.

Damage on cars interior
Car interior upholstery repair

Basic sort of colour so quite easy to match and blend in

Interior Burn
Interior Uphostery

Regular patten so used the main grey colour to fill in

Damage on upper seat
Fixed car burn

Difficult fix for the car was old and the seat worn

As you can see the results speak for them self’s and with prices as low as £40 its well worth having the damage fixed. So if you have any of these types of burns on your cars interior dont leave them to get worse and cost you more further down the line get them repaired.

Most of our seat burn repair work is carried out in Hertfordshire, Essex and London if you live outside these areas and are in need of our services give us a call we might be able to help.

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