Cracked Paint Repairs

Cracked car paint damage
Cracked paint damage on bumper

Sometimes when a car body panel has been scuffed or scratched the impact of the collision can cause the paint work to crack forming stress related fractures around the scuffed or scratched area. The cracks usually form in the shape of lines emanating outward from the impact point getting less dense the further you get away from the main damage. These line are only faint but go all the way through the topcoat and paint layers and sometimes the plastic of the bumpers too. These stress related fractures on the cars paintwork can be more difficult to repair than the scuffs and scratches left by the original impact.  

The reason they are difficult to fix is that if you leave even just one fine crack that you didn’t see the heating process to cure the paint will heat up the air within the crack which will bubble  out of the line blistering the paintwork, which mean you would have to start all over again. Also if the crack has penetrated the plastic of a bumper for example you would have to carry out a plastic Weald to seal it before the perpetration work could even take place.

This cracking of paint doesn’t usually occur on panels that have not be repaired before, it’s when there has been a previous repair carried out that you get this paint creaking effect. It could have been fixed previously by a body shop or a mobile paint repair service the results would be the same.

The most common types of panels you would find this cracking would usually be the bumpers. They are the most commonly repaired panels and are more susceptible to knocks scuffs or scratches than any other due to them being the most protruding part of your car.

The repair process takes around 2 hours depending upon the type of repair required.

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