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FAQ Returning your Lease /Hire Vehicle

How meticulous can car hire companies can be?

Lease or hire car companies all vary on how meticulous they are about their vehicle inspections when they are returned. On the day you might have one technician inspect the car while on others you might have two, how long is a piece of string. Yet if the damage to your vehicle is blatantly obvious from a distance then you can bet they will notice it, and then pass the cost onto you. As a general rule of thumb if you can’t notice the damage on your vehicle from a distance of 1 meter then they probably wont either. Just remember that when you do inspect your own car prior to its return, make sure that its washed and cleaned (you don’t want any surprises when the lease or hire car company wash and check the car in front of you).

Can I return the car back dirty to hide the damage?

Some lease hire car companies insist that the vehicle is washed and cleaned on its return, while some others are not too bothered. The best thing to do is if they haven’t asked you to clean it then don’t. If there is noticeable damage on the vehicle it’s always better to have it repaired before you go back so as not to be caught out with a hefty repair bill.

What if the damage was on there when I picked up the vehicle, will I be charged?

If you think that the vehicle had previous damage on it before you received the vehicle, then most probably the lease or hire car company will have a record of it. If they haven’t then things could get a bit sticky. The best thing to do is that when you receive a hire car make sure that you go around the vehicle your self and inspect it for any chips, scratches, scuffs or dents. If you do notice any imperfections then let the company know straight away, this will cover you for when its time to return it.

Can I carry out the repairs myself?

If you are competent enough and know what you are doing then there is no reason why you can’t carry out the repair work yourself, as long as the repair is to a reasonable standard and not noticeable to the eye. Large jobs such as bumper scuff repairs, dent repair/removal and vandal or key scratch repairs which are more complex to repair, should always be carried out by professionals. If you carry out the work yourself and make a mess of the repair it will only be harder and more expensive for people like us to rectify.

How do I know if the damage can be smart repaired or do I have to take the car to a body shop?

If the vehicle in question has had a minor collision with a stationary or moving object and has only caused minor damage like scratches, scuffs, minor dents, or suffers from vandal or key scratch damage then this most probably can be repaired by using smart repair techniques. If for example the vehicle was involved in a larger collision and has panels heavily dented, split or falling off or has caused any type of internal mechanical problem then this would have to go to a body shop.

Lease Return Information

When you lease or hire a vehicle, do you ever get a bit nervous when its time to return it? Well you should because if the car is not in tip top condition as it was when you originally received it then you will have to pay the bill for the body work repairs on the interior and exterior of the vehicle. These costs can mount up to hundreds sometimes thousands of pounds. The only way to avoid paying this cost is to have the damage on the car repaired before you take the car back.

There are three options you can take in doing this

1) Do the repair yourself

Its a good method of repair if you know what you are doing and cost effective, but time consuming. If the finish is not perfect then be prepared for it to be seen by the hire car company.

2) Have the damage repaired at a dealership

If you have the body damage repaired at a main dealership or body shop, the finish will be perfect and the hire car company will be none the wiser. The only downsides are high costs and loss of vehicle for a period of time.

3) Have the damage repair carried out by us.

By using Car Body Repairs 4 Less, you would not need to lose the vehicle for any period of time as we are a mobile repair service which comes to you at either your home or place of work. The repair can be carried out within a day and can be used as soon as we are finished. The finish is that of a body shop and would not be seen by the hire company. The costs are up to 70% cheaper than main dealersips and body shops.

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