Beware DIY Repairs

DIY Nightmare Mistakes

Car Body Repairs 4 Less has been running since 2002 and in that time we have fixed a variety of scuffs scratches dents and chips, out of all these different types of repairs the trickiest to fix is the dreaded DIY repair.  The main reason for this is that you have no idea on how bad the damage is below the surface and that the materials that were used could be totally different to what we apply.  Therefore when we spray over the affected area you can get unforeseen blemishes that can start to appear, such as a paint reaction or clouding of the lacquer. We understand that it is far cheaper to repair the damage yourself than to get a professional mobile car scratch repair service like to fix the problem for you, but if you get it wrong like 90% of people it will cost you more in the long  run to put right.

Some of the worst types of DIY repairs I have seen are astonishing and are listed below for your entertainment:

Door Scratch. This customer had numerous light scratches around the front door handle of his car caused by the jangle of keys when unlocking the door. He decided to repair the scratches himself by rubbing back the scratches with sand paper and spraying the affected section, he wasn’t happy with the result so he blended the paint and lacquer over the rear door and front wing.  What he didn’t know was that all he needed to do was use some cutting compound and polish that would have reduced or got rid of the scratches completely, instead he called our mobile scratch repair service which because of the additional damage he had caused resulted in 3 panels being sprayed and costing him far more that a pot of polish and compound would.

Stone Chips. This customer had various chips on his bumper and instead of using a mobile chip repair service like ours that would have touched them in for £75 or sprayed them for £120 he decided to have ago himself. What he did was mind boggling, he bought a tin of his cars paint and used a paint roller similar to what you would use on your walls and rolled out the paint on the bumper, bonnet and wings. If the car is old or on its last legs this would be understandable, but it was only made in 2010.Unfortunatley the damage caused by his mistake was far too great for our service to repair and it had to go off to a body shop, very costly.

Wing Mirror. Wing mirror scratches are easy to repair for the damage is located in a small area that can be masked up with no problem and sprayed, lacquered and finished within 1 hour at a cost of between £55 – £75. A customer of ours didn’t want to pay and thought that he could do it himself, so he sprayed the wing mirror and didn’t mask up the surrounding area, as a result the silver paint went everywhere all over the bonnet roof doors and glass, so he thought he will remove the excess paint with a scouring pad, big mistake. The scrubbing motion did remove the paint as well as the original paint underneath; his error meant that the roof, bonnet and doors had to be fully resprayed at a body shop. The wing mirror looked nice though.

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