Car Seat Upholstery Repair

Car seat hole

Fixing car seat upholstery has been a steady progressive part of our business over the last decade that has seen an increase year on year. With the new law change in 2015 (that prohibited drivers or passengers smoking in the car with young children) we expected a sharp decrease in the amount of car seat upholstery repairs we carry out, but to our surprise we actually saw a rise.

Another possible cause for an increase in car upholstery repairs could be put down to the rise of the hire and lease car company’s. What I mean is that it works out cheaper these days to hire or lease a car than to purchase a car out right so more people are choosing this option. When the law changed on smoking in cars the lease car firms followed suit and prohibited the smoking in their vehicles and placed high penalties on customers who were found to infringe this rule. As a result people who thought it was ok to smoke in these vehicles and that had sustained seat burns in the cars upholstery, needed to get them fixed at a reasonable cost so they weren’t found out. Currently over 80% of the seat upholstery repairs we carry out are on lease or company cars.

We use a tried and tested method that we have adapted that gives excellent results at low cost. We carry out seat upholstery repairs and car body repairs in all of Hertfordshire and Essex and most parts or North London. We do not need access to electric and we do not need to be parked next to your vehicle. So if you can’t park your car near your house or you are in an isolated area, we will still be able to carry out the job.

Below are some examples of our car upholstery repairs.

Hole in car upholstery
Hole repair on seat upholstery

This burn on the seat cloth was fixed by us in 30 mins. No need to replace the entire upholstery, our adaptive technique can fix the damage at a fraction of the cost that it would be to replace the entire cloth

Car Seat Upholstery Repair
Uphostery Repair on Car Seat

Even complicated pattern fabric can be blended in to create a near perfect repair.

As you can see from the photos above the results speak for themselves. We only carry out seat burns on car upholstery and not on leather or vinyl only cloth fabric.

If you need a seat upholstery repair and you live within the areas we cover Herts, Essex and North London, give us a call on 0800 0778832 or you can email us a photo to sales@carbodyrepairs4less for an upholstery repair quote.


Seat Upholstery Repair

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