Stone Chip Touch in Service

Stone chip

Stone chips don’t always have to be sprayed to give a good result.  Sometimes spraying them is not an option, for example you may have a few on your bonnet but don’t want to spend the sort of money that’s required to get the panel repainted at a body shop. Or if you have a hire car that is due to go back and you just need them tidied up at a low cost.

Keeping the cost for repairs down to a minimum is key to all customers when getting chips fixed, no one wants to spend more than they have to but every one wants a good result. 

As a smart repair service we can advise you on what repair service is best for you when it comes to stone chip removal, It all comes down to what you need the repair for. If you are selling the car or returning a hire car then we provide a touch up service, which can hide the chip so anyone looking at the car would struggle to see it. Or if you are keeping the car or need a perfect repair we can re-spray it for you back to showroom condition.

Unfortunately we don’t spray bonnets or roofs, so if you are lucky enough to get a stone chip on any one of these panels then we can only touch them in and not repaint them.

Below is an example of a stone chip touch in that was carried out in Harlow Essex just after Christmas.

Stone Chip Damage Harlow
Stone Chip Repair Harlow

As you can see the damage is just on the edge of the rear bumpers contour line. The car was a hire car and the customer wanted to get it fixed cheaply so we used our touch in system and hay presto the chip is virtually disappeared.

If you look closely you can just see the outline of the repair, but considering that it’s low down on the rear bumper and not anywhere near eye level I think a blind man would be pleased to see it.


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