Paintless Scratch Repair

Car paintless scratch removal

Cleaning your car shouldn’t be a hazardous activity and it’s not something that usually warrants a smart repair afterwards.  It’s a simple job of continuous soap and water till your vehicle is clean and shinny. Its also a great way for the young ones to earn a bit of pocket money at the weekend and saves Mum and Dad a bit of time so they can get on with something else. In saying this it doesn’t always go to plan for example this customers child decided to clean his parents car with a scotch pad when he couldn’t get off the dirt with a bit of soapy water. The rough pad did do the job of removing the dirt but it also did a better job of scratching the bodywork on the car.

As you can see from the photos below the wing and bonnet areas of the Range Rover have been quite badly scuffed up. What makes it worse is that the car was in fantastic condition before, and where the scuffing has taken place all you can see is a large dull patch with white scratches sitting proud on a black background. It’s not something you can just leave because the effected area is so obviously visible to the naked eye.

When it comes to fixing this the options are unfortunately quite limited. You could have the bonnet and front wing/wheel arch areas fully re-sprayed, this would completely remove any sign of the scuffing but would dent your pocket as a result, or you could try and remove it without any spray work at all. Removing the scuffed area without spraying (paintless scratch repair) requires the use of different products and techniques to first feather out the scratch and then removes it completely without the need to spray. It’s a technique that can be used on only a certain type of scratch depending on the damage depth. In the long run it’s a cost effective technique that saves on costly spray repairs and an ideal option if you’re short on time and money.

The job below was carried out in Ware Hertfordshire at the customer’s home address. The entire work took slightly over 1 hour in total to fully complete. As you can see there is no sign of the scratches on either the bonnet or the front wing. It goes to show that sometimes you don’t need full on re-sprays on areas where the scratches are light, and its not something you need to put through the insurance to correct.

If you’re in two minds on whether a scratch or scuff can be removed with this technique there is a simple way to find out. You would need to run your fingernail over the scratch and if your nail gets caught within it then unfortunately it would have to be painted. If it doesn’t or if your nail can just feel the slightest edge then it probably could be fixed without the need to paint.

I’m sure there are plenty of videos online showing you how this can be done but please be aware that if you make a mistake then it could cost you even more to rectify.  If your not sure on this or how to proceed then give us a call we are more than willing to provide you with information or help on this subject. Visit our contact us page for more details.

For any further information on paintless scratch repair please visit our light scratch repair page or the scratch repair process page.  I hope this article has been helpful in some way and has answered any questions you might have had on the subject of paintless scratch removal.

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