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Tips and Tricks By Car Body Repairs 4 Less on Cleaning and Maintenance

Listed below are some tips and tricks on how to improve your cars appearance, by cleaning and careful body maintenance. If you have any helpful tips yourself please feell free to email us at

Cleaning your Car

When washing the exterior of your vehicle always remember to wash the bucket and sponge before you start. By doing this you are removing any dirt or small objects that may scratch your vehicle. Then, once the car has been washed, clean the sponge and bucket again and place them into a bin liner, which will help keep them free from contamination. If while polishing your car you drop the polishing cloth, chamois or sponge, wash and clean straight away, this will remove any dirt they might have had whilst on the floor. Wash the car starting from the roof and ending with the wheels, by doing this it will help run the surface dirt off the vehicle instead of having it constantly moving around the car. Change the water you wash with at least twice, which will reduce the chance of any foreign materials getting into the bucket.

If you have a jet washer at home which you use on your vehicle always remember not to get too close, be at least 6 inches away from the area you are cleaning. If you get too much closer you might damage the paintwork or scratch the surface. When using a jet washer always read the instructions provided on application. If possible clean the hose and nozzle at least twice a year or according to the manufacturers guidelines, because it might have some small dirt particles within it. If they aren't cleaned the force of the water pushing out the dirt will hit and scratch the car you are trying to clean.

Cleaning Bird Droppings

If you have the unfortunate pleasure of having bird droppings on your vehicle, the best way to remove the unsightly mess would be to clean it off as soon as you can before it goes hard. When bird droppings go hard certain chemicals within the mess react with the lacquer on your vehicle, eating through to the primer on your car. If you have hardened bird droppings on your car get yourself a cloth and soak it in warm water, place the wet cloth onto the bird dropping and leave for 5 minutes, in this time the bird droppings will have softened and will be easier to remove. After 5 minutes wipe gently which should remove all the mess, if there is some left repeat the procedure until it's completely removed.

Polishing your car

When polishing your car always remember to apply the product to the entire car first before you remove the polish, and not to do a panel at a time. This will give the polish time to dry making it easier to remove and provide a better finish. Remember to keep the polishing cloth in a sealed container or plastic bag after polishing. By using the same cloth to polish with you will develop it so that less polish will be needed in subsequent polishing. Polishing your car at least once a month will help protect your paintwork.

Cleaning Glass.

For best results when cleaning glass always make sure that the glass is out of direct sunlight and is cool to the touch, this will prevent any streaking which might happen otherwise. If you have no choice but to clean the glass in direct sunlight or when the glass is warm, try using newspaper to wipe off the glass cleaner as it will help reduce streaks.

Cleaning Alloy Wheels

When cleaning your alloy wheels always use a good quality alloy wheel cleaner, follow the suggested instructions on the product and clean all 4 wheels. Then roll the car forward or back, which ever is the easiest to rotate the wheels 180 degrees, doing this will help you find areas which have been missed. If after cleaning you find the wheels are still covered in brake dust (especially in between spokes), use an acid alloy wheel cleaner with a toothbrush which can be used to clean out those hard to reach areas (remember not to leave the acid cleaner on too long for it might leave marks on the alloy wheel). Once the alloy wheels are free from all the brake dust use a alloy wheel sealant which will protect your alloy wheels from the effects of brake dust and will also make your wheels easier to clean the next time around.

Air Freshener

If you have an old hanging air freshener that smells like old socks instead of the roses it did when it was new, try spraying some perfumed product onto it which will recharge it back to its old self.

How to stop cracks on your bumper getting any worse.

If you have had an accident which has resulted in you having a cracked bumper, you first need to stop the crack from getting any larger. There are a few techniques for this, the best one, and cheapest is to buy some strong super glue and strong 2 inch duck tape from any good DIY store. You can get the tape in all sorts of colours, hopefully the same or close to colour of your vehicle. Read the instructions on applying the glue, then place the glue in the crack and allow to harden. Once the glue has set cut a piece of duck tape the same length as the crack and carefully place the tape over the crack pushing firmly, Once this is on the adhesion of the glue and tape will restrict the movement of the crack in the bumper.


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