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Bumper Paintwork Repairs

Out of all the panels on your car its the bumpers that seem to take the worst of it, whether is a scrape or scuff, scratch or crack, bumpers are usually the first panels to get effected by them in an impact or collision. Generally this is why they are made from plastic for replacing them is considerably cheaper than replacing a metal part. Still having these bumpers replaced can cost unto £600 depending upon the type of car and size of the component that needs to be fitted. With such high costs involved with panel replacements its always wiser to see if they can be repaired first, for the savings can be significant and would leave you with more

money in your pocket to spend on other things. Most types of impact damage such as the ones stated above can be fixed by our mobile service which would come to you and complete the job within a few hours. Below are some examples of bumper paint repairs carried out by our service and the costs associated with them.

Bumper Scuff

Bumper scuff rear cornerBumper damage fixed

This bumper scuff cost £95 and took 2 hours to complete

Bumper Scuff

Damage on rear corner sectionBumper and wing damage fixed

This repair took slightly over two hours and cost £120

Bumper Crack

Crack on rear sectionBumper crack fixed

This crack on the rear took around an hour and a half and cost £145

Bumper Crack

Crack on rear of MiniMini bumper crack repair

This nasty crack on the rear of a Mini took 2 hours to repair and cost the customer £140

Bumper Dent

dent on rear panelDent removal on rear

The dent has been removed and the scratches repaired at a cost of £135

There are a few occasions when we cant repair the damage, such as if the bumper has been split in two or if there is a large hole punched in the part. If you have these types of impact damage then unfortunately you would need to have the part replaced.

Out of all the services we provide its the bumper paint repairs we carry out the most, on average 80% of our jobs in a week are for bumper related damage such as scuffs and scrapes caused by light collisions. We have grown accustomed to fixing these types of damage and could probably do a reasonable job blindfolded if we chose to.

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