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Working in the cold of winter.

We have been carrying out Smart Repairs over Hertfordshire, Essex and London for more than ten years know, it’s a job we love and enjoy.  Every job we carry out is different in its own way and every customer we meet has a story to tell. The only real down side can be the weather.

Don’t get me wrong in the summer months its great the days are long so we can fit in more work, you are outside all day in the sun with your shorts on getting a tan of sorts (I’m ginger so its kind of a reddening than a tan).  There’s not much rain so most jobs go to plan and we are on time for nearly all our job slots. It’s the winter when chaos rears its ugly head.

Where do I start, in winter it obviously rains a hell of a lot compared to other months in the year, it’s a lot colder and very windy to boot. All these weather related factors are out of our control and can be tricky to navigate when carrying out mobile car paint repairs outside.

We use a mobile shelter for the rain and snow, so that solves that one; the wind can be more of a problem especially when it’s raining.  Trying to erect a portable shelter when the wind is trying to blow it half way down the road is not funny.  The cold we can cope with, we have more than enough heaters to keep the temperature up. But what about me?

Most eventualities of winter weather can be catered for; it just slows down the repair time of each job. It’s the mobile repair guys that suffer the most. Once you start a job you can’t leave it to sit in the warmth of the van, you have to monitor every stage so nothing goes wrong. The last thing you want is your bumper melting away because the panel got to hot, so constant monitering is a requisite for this type of work. So when the wind is blowing and the rain is lashing down think of the paint repair guys. Trust me no amount of clothing or thermal layers can keep the chill out.

Mobile paint repairs in winter


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