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Protect your car from the winter saltĀ 

With the onset of winter only around the corner local councils and highways agency’s will be stocking up on there winter supply of salt all ready to apply it to those icy roads. Salt is used abundantly over the colder months and is essential to our road safety, but the use of this winter treatment can also create havoc with our cars.

How the application of salt works is by drastically lowering the freezing point of water, which allows vehicles car tyres to cut through the ice and get traction from the road below. Without the use of salt on the roads your car would just slide on top of the ice or snow, which would eventually lead to an accident.

Salt is extremely corrosive to car body work and extensive exposure to this mix of water and salt will inevitable lead to rust on your vehicle. You might just think that rust will only appear around the wheel arches and lower body panels and that would be the end of it but you would be wrong. Rust damage on certain parts of the vehicle can create a range of problems from sub frame damage to hydraulic brake leaks and even failure.

Salt damage on carResult of salt corrosion

Rusted areas caused by the salt and water siting on the panel sills.

Due to the manufacture of most of the vehicles on the roads today the lower underside of the car is wide open to the elements. It’s a hard area to visibly check for rust but this is where most of the corrosion would occur. Once the salt and water have taken a hold of this area it would just simply slowly rot away the vehicles components, which are exposed below the car.

There are a few ways in which you can protect your car from the onset of rust. One of them would be to have the underneath of your vehicle washed regularly over the colder months. This would wash away any salt or build up of road debris that might be clinging to the exposed areas of your car. Another way be it more expensive is to have the underside of your car sprayed with an oil solution, most garages will offer this at a cost but this is the most effective method.

Just bear in mind that if you don’t protect your car from the corrosive nature of salt and water don’t be surprised that you might get future problems down the line.

If you have rust on your car as a result of salt corrosion and need a quote for the repair olease see our Rust Repair page for more info.


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