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Simple Wheel Arch Repair

Most light collisions on cars usually occur on the front or rear bumper areas of your car. These types of repairs can be a standard type of repair where the only affected panel is the bumper, but some times if the collision is hard enough or the object that the car collides with is quite tall the damage can fall over more than one panel. A prime example of this is if you take a corner too sharply and there is a low post in the ground you might graze the rear bumper and also the rear wing creating a scuff or possible dent damage over the entire rear wheel arch.

The damage caused by a scuff on multiple panels i.e. wheel arch doesn’t have to be severe in order to make the repair a difficult one, but due to the size of area that is needed to spray in order to blend the paint in, can cause issues in regards to the repair cost and time scale for completion.

The example below shows a simple scuff over the rear wheel arch on a Toyota. The customer pulled out of a turning too quickly and caught a low-lying wall which scuffed the rear wing and rear bumper. What makes this repair a simple one is down to the curves over and around the rear wing and bumper corner. With these adjoining panels having these curves it drastically reduces the paintable area down to just the lower wheel arch and lower bumper corner. With the paintable area reduced the cost for the paint and materials is reduced also therefore the final cost of repair would be at the lower end of our pricing structure.

Wheel arch Scuff Bishops StortfordWheel arch scuff repair Bishops Stortford

Toyota Curved panels (Slightly out of shot the wheel arch curves over reducing the area need to be sprayed)

If this car hadn’t had so many curves around the damaged section and was just a slow sloped panel like most on the roads today you would have to paint a much larger area on the wing to blend the paint in. An example can be seen below of a scuff over a wheel arch that required most of the rear wing to be panted.

Hard Wheel arch Scuff EssexDifficult wheel arch repair

BMW Wheel arch repair (sloped panel so painted higher up the wing)

At Car Body Repairs 4 Less we aim to repair your damage no mater how severe or hard it may be to repair. Our smart repair service will provide you with a quote if we can fix the damage or options that you can take if we cant. Please bare in mind that our service only covers Hertfordshire, Essex and North London areas only, if you live out side these areas we might no someone that could help, so feel free to contact us.


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