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Unexpected things that can damage your car

It’s not only the obvious incidents that damage your car like a bumper scuff when parking or a scratch on the side of your car from someone walking past, it can also be the unseen items of everyday life that can cause the most problems, some of which most people know nothing about. In this article there are listed the top 5 most uncommon causes of bodywork damage and what sort of repair that would be required to remedy the problem.

Baby wipes

Most families use baby wipes to clean their children’s hands, face or whatever they have got dirty, sometimes even wiping off marks on their car. It all seems quite harmless being they are meant for children’s skin, but appearances can be deceptive.
I first noticed what damage baby wipes can do when I used them to clean our wooden table at home, they not only removed the food off the table but also the lacquer as well. We had used them for around a week and it seems that every time we did they had removed a layer of lacquer every time until the top coat was completely gone. Can you imagine what they would do to a cars top coat?

Using them on cars can remove or stain the exterior surface of lacquer, this can be seen when after cleaning your hands you touch the cars body work and the next day you have a set of finger prints on the car. The marks can be difficult to remove by compounds and if used excessively on a single area would require a local respray.

Baby wipes damage car

Bird Droppings

Most people know that bird droppings are harmfully to paintwork, but not so many people realize that if it’s left and not removed within 24 hours the chemicals in the droppings can eat through the lacquer and paint layers continuously until it is removed. This can result in the top coat peeling from the cars surface and rust setting in to the more severe areas. So the moral of this story dips to get rid of the pooh as soon as you see it for the only type of repair available to you would be a local or full respray to the affected area.

bird droppings damage car

Egg shell

It's not so common as the last two but egg shells can also damage your bodywork. Usually this type of problem only occurs when an egg is thrown at your car. On impact the shell smashes and all the sharp sections chip away at the outer surface of your vehicle. In some cases an egg was thrown with such force that small areas of bare metal could be seen on close inspection. The only repairs available for this would be a local or full respray depending on the panel in question.

egg shell

Excessive polishing

Everyone likes a clean and shinny car but if you polish it too much especially with fine cutting compounds or abrasive products you will reduce the amount of lacquer on your resulting in a reduce layer of protection from the elements. So when you get a stone chip for example on the bonnet it will have a greater chance of going through to the metal which would allow rust to set in. also the cars colour might flatten off the closer you get to the paint layer and therefore losing the shine. The only way this can be rectified would be a full respray if the whole car is effected or individual panel respray a depending on the severity of damage.

excessive car polishing

Tree sap

Tree sap is a sticky substance that is deposited by trees, if you have ever parked underneath one you will know what I mean. It’s not the sap itself that damages your car but the add on effects it has on other elements on your car. In effect it retains water when it rains and therefore if you have any exposed metal in the form of scratches or chips then it speeds up the process of rust. Rust repairs can be expensive depending on how bad it is so remove the sap ASAP.

tree sap

We hope that the information laid out above has provided you with another insight into other possible causes of damage you might want to look out for, keep your eyes peeled. 

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