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How your cars colour  changes over time

Most people think that once you purchase a vehicle the colour it is will be the colour it will always be, but unfortunately they would be wrong. All car exterior paint is covered in a hardened top coat of lacquer which is it’s only protection from chips and scratches but it’s not only the chips and scratches that can damage the paint layer underneath the lacquer.

Sunlight can damage yours cars paint

Sunlight is the main cause of a cars paint colour to change, it bleaches the paint layer fading it out and making it more pale and not so vibrant.  It might be hard to notice for if you park your car outside then it’s getting evenly bleached and therefore there would be no area of the car that would be covered which would protect areas of your car from the bleaching effect to test it against.  The effect of the sunlight can be noticed in your own home, if you have an area that is constantly in the light and an area that Is not then you would see the difference such as on carpet or a wooden floor.

You can reduce the effects that sunlight has by keeping it garaged when you're not using it or buy placing a cover over the car when parked outside. These protective measures will help but they will not stop it.

The best cars to notice the bleaching effects the sun has is on solid colour cars like red or blue. When you look closely at them you can see subtle changes from panel to panel. The best way to see a greater difference is to look at the paint colour on the inside of the door frame against the exterior.

This bleaching effect can cause havoc when you have localized paint repairs carried out on your car.  the paint made up for the repair would be the original colour from when the car was manufactured so when applying it to an old car the differences can be striking.  Most people think that the paint made up is wrong or that they have got the wrong colour. The only way to combat this would be to blend the paint  and fade it out along the panel therefore the difference would be minimal and not so noticeable, or have a full body respray. Basically the older the car the more the differences would be. It usually take up to ten years for there to be a significant difference on a cars paint colour change but less if the car has a solid colour.

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