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Car Bodywork Repairs Enfield

From scuffs and scratches to seat burns and stone chips we can fix up to 90% of most types of car bodywork repair. Below are some examples of car bodywork repairs in Enfield North London that we have carried out over the years.

Bumper Bodywork repair Enfield

Another driver, who got far to close when manoeuvring out of a tight spot, caused this slight knock on the front corner end of the car. They did leave their name and address, which was a relief to the customer. The car (Fiat) was located in a residential area of Enfield quite close to Enfield Town train station. Getting a power source was quite tricky; the customer lived on the top floor of a block of flats. We managed to run the lead on the outside of the block.

In all the whole job took us just over two hours to complete, the results speak for themselves.

Bumper Scuff EnfieldBumper Scuff Repair Enfield


Scratched Car Bodywork Enfield

No one likes his or her car bodywork being scratched especially when where doing someone a favour. This is what happened to this gentlemen who dropped off his neighbour at the train station only to find on his return a scratch on his car bodywork. It seems that this area in Enfield close to the town centre is quite notorious for vandalism on cars. It looks as though when he dropped off his neighbour he inadvertently parked in someone else car space; they obviously took offence and scratched his car.

We carried out the work on the outskirts of Enfield in a leafy suburb. The job took no longer that 3 hours and looked perfect.

Door Scratch EnfieldDoor Damage Enfield


Car Bodywork Dent Enfield

Yet another act of mindless vandalism carried out in Enfield. This guy lived close to a Pub. One night late in the morning when the pub finally shut, one of the patrons decided to use his cars wing as a football. The result of this thugs actions was a large dent on the cars bodywork close to the light section.

The job itself was a difficult one. We first had to pull the dented area of the bodywork back out to a reasonable enough degree then fill and spray the rest. The damage on the bodywork was in such a bad position that the only real way to hammer out the dent 100% would have been to take the wing completely off and panel beat it back into shape. Unfortunately where we are a mobile service we don’t have the equipment to be able to do that type of repair.

We took just over 4 hours to fix the damaged area. The dent looks like it was never there.

Dent on Wing EnfieldDent Repair Enfield


Cracked Bumper Enfield

Its amazing how durable plastic bumpers are these days? This customer collided with a low post at a supermarket in Enfield. The result of the impact cracked the lower bumper bodywork and split the plastic in two.  After a bit of plastic work on the damaged area the bumper took shape, a bit of filling here and there and we were all done. It looks as though it never happened.

Bumper Crack EnfieldCrack repair Enfield


Possible Problems Carrying Out the Job In Enfield

Enfield is a very large town and sometimes parking can be an issue so if you live somewhere where that can be a problem like in a block of flats or you have allocated parking and are not sure that an extension lead will reach please let us know.

Another issue that we come across a lot in Enfield is parking. Most roads in and out of the area are parking restricted. We can park on single yellow lines, drive ways or non lined roads, but if where you live has residents parking only or parking time restriction we will need to be informed. If you have a permit great or if you have single yellow lines and can park directly outside your house that’s great too. Some traffic wardens are quite accommodating but there are others in the Enfield area that will give me a ticket. So before we book you in please let us know of any parking issues that we might face before our arrival.

Carrying out Bodywork repairs in Enfield is great on sunny days or when it’s not raining, but if there is rain forecast or present on the day we carry out the job it might be a problem. We do have a portable shelter but most of the residential areas can be quite narrow with small roads and terraced houses both sides. This can be difficult when erecting the shelter, for it’s a 3m x 3m shelter and when it’s fully erect on a road like that it would be half in the road and cover most of the pavement. For health and safety reason we would not be able to use it in this situation.

Fixing car Bodywork has been our business for over 12 years now whether it’s in Enfield or any other area in North London. If you have bodywork damage on your car and need it fixing give us a call or email us some photos for a competitive quote. We cover all areas of Enfield and are regularly driving up and down the A10 so if you wish us to see the car in person or just prefer a face to face chat about your bodywork damage then get in contact.


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