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Large dent repair London

Dents come in all shapes and sizes and as a mobile service there is a limit to what size of dent we can fix. body shops and accident repair  centers can repair all types of dents and all sizes but where we are a mobile service we just don’t have the equipment to fix all varieties of dented panel damage.

Usually if the damage is larger than a cricket ball then it’s too big for us, but on this occasion the customer had hit a wall when taking a corner to quickly, the result was a large dent on the rear wheel arch and also on the rear passenger door. The customer had already had a quote from a body shop which involved replacing the rear wheel arch and panel beating the rear door and spray. The price quoted was £850 a lot of money the customer didn’t have, he thought about going through his insurance but he didn’t want his premiums to go up as a result the following year. He gave us a call instead we quoted £250 inclusive of all charges but because of the size of the damage we couldn’t guarantee a 100% perfect repair, the best we could hope for was a 80-90% improvement. Even though we couldn’t make it perfect he decided to go ahead with the quote because all the other alternatives were far too expensive.

Dent damage in North London

As you can see from the damage photo the affected area is quite large and stretches over 2 panels. The customer was based in east London which can be a pig to get to in the morning so we arranged a day and time that suited him.

Repaired Dent London

The full repair took us just over 3 hours in total. we had to knock out as much of use dent as we could and then fill and spray the rest. The finished job looked amazing, the customer was over the moon. He thought it looked virtually perfect and even gave us a huge tip as a thank you.


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Dean did a de-rusting job on my beloved 14 year-old Peugeot 406 a few weeks ago. Excellent job, done with real care and attention and far more perfection on the tricky paint-matching job on the bonnet than I was looking for. All this, and a bubbly, warm character too. Heartily recommended. Paul Tilson

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