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How To Avoid Stone Chips

Stone Chip

Stone chips on cars can be virtually imposable to prevent, they occur when  small objects at speed are thrown at your car from the vehicle in front, usually small stones or debris that litter the roads surface.

In this article we will be showing some helpful techniques that will aid you in the reduction and possible elimination of the stone chip curse.

One of the most simplest ways to reduce the stone chip menace would be to reduce your speeds on motorways, for its on motorways that most of this type of damage occurs. By reducing your speed and the distance from the car in front you in fact increase the overall distance that debris has to travel to hit your car so the impact speed and damage caused by the object is reduced dramatically. Even better if you can keep to the more rural road route and give the motorways a miss all together.

Keep away from gritting lorries, garbage disposal trucks or any other high sided vehicle with large container loads that look unsteady  for they have the tendency to drop overloaded items off their containers resulting in items being hurled at your car at high speed, no need to tell you what would happen there.

You can get a bonnet protector for your car, they are a fitted bit of plastic that covers your bonnet nose and or wings. When they first came out they were ugly looking things but trends have moved on and you can actually get some very modern equivalents that don’t look that bad.

Another options would be to have the front of your car, the wings and bonnet wrapped. This is a process where a clear toughened  plastic film is placed over the panels in question. It’s an expensive procedure and gives the areas another layer of protection. Once fitted you wouldn’t even know it was there.


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